Meal Plan

Meal Service will not be available on the following dates: 

      Monday – May 25, 2020 -Memorial Day

      Monday - July 6, 2020 -4th of July - Observance

      Monday- August 10, 2020 – Victory Day

Meals are redeemable in DDC at the authorized spending allocation in effect at the time of purchase. Meals are available beginning Monday and unused meals for any given week expire at 7 pm on Friday.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the plan work?

There are three plan periods over the course of the summer consistent with the RIC Academic Calendar.

The Summer 2020 Meal Plan offers Residents the opportunity to visit DDC and purchase up to 12 meals per week, each week, Monday – Friday, for the summer meal plan period(s) they choose.

There are 15 opportunities (Meal Zones) each week for a meal to be purchased, with the exception of the weeks in which there are Holidays. One meal can be purchased during any meal zone with up to 12 meals each week.

In addition, this plan includes a set amount of Flex Meal Points for the plan period which may be used in addition to and/or in lieu of using a meal.

If I do not use a meal, will it carry over to the next week?

Unused meals do not carry over to the next week. At the beginning of each week your meal balances are reset. We encourage Summer Residents to plan their schedule accordingly so they may maximize their use of their meal plan.

If I do not use my Flex Meal Points by the end of the period will they carry over or may I get a refund?

Flex Meal Points do not carry over at the end of the plan period and refunds are not available. We encourage Summer Residents to plan accordingly so they may maximize their use of their meal plan.

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