Policies & Regulations



College Dining Service requests that students follow these guidelines when using the dining facilities. 


  • Public Health Laws require that shoes and shirts be worn at all times. We require proper attire.

  • Abusive and insulting language, vandalism or infringements of the rights of others may result in disciplinary action by the College Board of Discipline.

  • A student may have his or her meal plan contract canceled for any of the following reasons:

    • Failure to comply with above rules.

    • Selling or allowing others to use your Meal Plan (Meal Plan is non - transferable)

    • Abuse of facilities or staff

    • Intoxication or attempting to bring intoxicating beverages or any non-prescription drugs into the dining areas.

  • Unacceptable conduct, disruptive behavior or personal endangerment of any kind will not be tolerated.

  • Throwing objects or utensils at or towards another person will result in immediate disciplinary action.

  • Students whose meal plans are terminated for disciplinary reasons are not eligible for a refund.

  • Patrons may not take knapsacks or other containers into service areas.

  • Dining Service does not accept responsibility for loss or theft of students' articles.

  • Only Dining Service employees are allowed in the kitchen or behind the service lines.

  • Before hanging posters, signs, banners etc., prior approval must be obtained by a Supervisor of the Dining Center.

  • Rhode Island Department of Health stipulates that all food preparation for students and faculty be done under the auspices of Rhode Island College Dining Services to ensure that refrigeration storage, proper food preparation and service is in compliance with Health Department regulations.





Rhode Island College encourages any student too ill to attend class to check with Health Services. Any ill or injured student whose medical concern does not require a health center stay, but is unable to travel to the Dining Center, must follow this procedure for Carry - Out - Meals:


  • Have a medical form approved by Health Services.

  • The student, a friend or a roommate must present the approval slip to a Dining Service Supervisor along with the student's ID card in order to pick up a carry - out. Call and set up a pick - up time with a Supervisor.



Rhode Island College Identification Card (RICard)


Your RICard photo ID card is one of your most valuable possessions while you are at R.I. College. The access ID card system represents the latest in technological advancements.


  • Your RICard is non-transferable and will be usable for the duration of your student status at Rhode Island College.

  • Your RICard is valuable and you should treat it like cash or a credit card. The college seeks to protect you and your property as much as possible. However, we can only do our part as each student does his/hers.

  • If you lose your RICard or find that your card had been stolen, you must have it replaced at the Student ID office, located in the main lobby of the Student Union. You will be issued a new RICard for a replacement cost of $10.00.


Note: To purchase a meal for a guest you must be present. No one is allowed to use your RICard and it must be presented at the time of purchase.