Graduate Commuter Meal Plan

Commuting Graduate Students are welcome to visit and purchase food and/or beverages at any time in DDC, The Café, or in vending machines on campus. 

While Commuters are not required to purchase a meal plan, we strongly encourage Commuters to purchase the Commuter Graduate Student Meal Plan. 

The Commuter Graduate Student Meal Plan offers any three meals per week, each week of the semester, and $50.00 in Flex Meal Points for $499. This Plan can be included on your billing or paid for by check, cash, or credit card.

This Plan provides $522 in value for $499 convenience and peace of mind!

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Commuter Meal Plan


Commuter Meal Plan Features

Accessible Hours Seven days per Week


Meals and Flex Meal Points can be redeemed in DDC as follows:

Variety and Choice


Dining Services offers a wide variety of food and beverage options at various service stations in DDC that Residents may choose from. 

Available stations include:

The Grill Line 
Salad Bar and Soup Stations 
Deli Sandwich and Wrap Station
Entrée Station
Grab & Go Freshly Packaged Selections
Fountain and Bottled Beverages
Frozen Yogurt, Pies, Cakes, ½ pint Ice Cream
Candies, Cookies, Chips
And More!

Free Mobile Dining App Service

Residents are encouraged to download the free Anchor Mobile Dining App to change their Meal Plan option, monitor meal and Flex Point orders and to order ahead. In addition, Residents may use the mobile app to order a Convenience Meal or food service should they be required to isolate or quarantine.

Nutritional Services

Nutrition counseling is available to RIC students during the academic year. The services of a Licensed, Registered Dietitian are available to students wanting information on general nutrition, weight management, food allergies, or specific therapeutic diets. In addition to nutrition consultations, dining tours, group classes, and taste demos are other resources provided to enhance your academic and campus life experience. The nutrition office is located in the Faculty Center and appointments can be made by emailing Bethany Tucker  RD,LDN at


Frequently asked questions

How does this plan work?

The Graduate Commuter Meal Plan offers 3 meals per week and $50 in Flex Meal Points for the semester one to three meals may be used during a single meal period, up to 3 meals for the week.

Where can I use my meals?

All meals are available in the Donovan Dining Center where a wide

variety of food, beverage, and snack choices are available everyday.

Do unused Flex Meal Points carry over to the next Semester?

No. Unused Flex Meal Points will not carry over into the next Semester.

What do I do if I go over the dollar limit when purchasing a meal?

You may pay the difference using your Flex Meal Points, cash, Visa or Master Card.

If I do not use a meal will it carry over to the next week?

Unused meals do not carry over to the next week. At the beginning of each week (Sunday) your meal balances are reset.

Where can I use my Flex Meal Points?

You can use your Flex Meal Points at Donovan Dining Center, The Café, and vending machines throughout campus.

Are accommodations available for special dietary needs?

Yes. We do assist students with special dietary needs. We provide gluten free and meatless options on a daily basis at both locations. We also support a number of students who are in need of special diets for medical reasons. Dining Services also offers dietary, nutritional, and related consultations with our Resident Dietitian, Bethany Tucker, R.D., LDN (401) 456-8477 free of charge.

Can I still eat at the Dining Center if I don’t have a Meal Plan?

Yes, we accept Visa or Master Card, as well as cash.

When can the Meal Plan be used?

This Meal Plan can be used seven days per week in the Donovan Dining Center.

Are Graduate Commuters required to purchase a Meal Plan?

No. Graduate Students who do not live on campus are not required to purchase a meal plan. Many Commuters do purchase this plan for the convenience and value.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us.