Food Service Advisory Committee

College Dining Services has established a committee representing each aspect of the college community and which meets on a monthly basis in the Dining Center. These dedicated members of the College Community bring fresh ideas and services which benefit everyone. These meetings are open to all, so please feel free to join us!




The mission of the Committee is to bring forward the suggestions, concerns, and ideas of the wider College Community to the management and staff of College Dining Services. Each participant has the opportunity to participate in discussions regarding problem resolution (food-related), menu planning, festive meals, cost analysis of meals, sanitation and recycling issues, etc.


In an effort to achieve excellence in service, it is important that the Food Service Advisory Committee focus on your needs, the residents, commuters, faculty and staff of Rhode Island College. We can better accomplish this goal with your input and participation. Each year, the Committee is reformed, chaired by the Director of Dining Services or his/her designee, and includes resident staff members, students on the meal plan and commuter students. As these factors affect service, we at College Dining Services encourage all students to seek out their Committee representative to ensure that their concerns are being addressed. But as always, we welcome you to join us; bring your ideas, suggestions, and concerns and make a difference!


Committee Meeting Schedule


The Committee meets regularly during the academic year, generally every 3rd Thursday of each month. Meetings are not held during breaks or over the summer.


Click here for Upcoming Food Service Advisory Meetings.




You might be saying, "I don't want to go because it won't make any difference." Here at College Dining Services, nothing could be further from the truth; we place high value on the input from our patrons. From the suggestions and concerns expressed at the Committee meetings, management and staff develop resolutions to these issues or ways to incorporate the suggestions into the menu. Whenever a suggestion from our patrons is implemented, College Dining Services make a point to advertise the item as "Your Suggestions in Action". We do this so you, our valued customers, know that your voice is being heard and we are here to serve you!