Frequently Asked Questions

Must I have a Meal Plan if I live in a residence hall?

Yes, everyone living in a Residence Hall is required to have a Meal Plan. Four Meal Plan options are available to choose from. Residents who do not choose a meal plan will automatically be assigned Meal Plan A.

Can I use my Meal Plan if I do not have my College Identification Card with me?

To use your meal plan you may use your valid ID card or you may use download the GET APP to your phone and use your phone for purchases.

Can I let another person use my ID at the Dining Center?

For your protection and security, College IDs can only be used by the person to whom they are issued.

What do I do if my college ID is lost or stolen?

Residents are responsible to immediately report lost or stolen College IDs to the ID Card Office located in the Student Union. Arrangements for a replacement ID can also be made through the ID Card Office.

What if I am on a special diet, have food allergies, or I am concerned about my diet?

Residents with dietary needs or questions are encouraged to contact our Registered Dietician, Bethany Tucker. She is available at (401) 456-8477 or at

How does the Meal Plan work?

Residents may choose from four different Meal Plans. Each Meal Plan consists of a guaranteed number of meals per week and a set amount of Flex Meal Points for use during the semester. Residents may choose the plan which will best fit their lifestyle. The Anchor Platinum Plan is recommended for all Residents who are on campus throughout the week and plan on eating 16 or more meals per week. This plan provides 17 guaranteed meals each week and $400.00 in Flex meal Points for the semester.

Where can I use my Meals?

All meals are made available in the Donovan Dining Center. A variety of offerings will be available during the times listed for each meal period.

Where can I use my Flex Meal Points?

Flex Meal Points can be used at the Donovan Dining Center, The Café (Student Union lower level), or in vending machines throughout campus.

If I do not use a meal will it carry over to the next week?

Unused meals do not carry over to the next week. At the beginning of each week (Sunday) your meal balances are reset. We encourage all Residents to plan accordingly so that they may full utilize their weekly meals.

What do I do if I miss a meal because of my schedule?

To reduce the possibility of missed meals and to assist residents with unique schedules, we have designed our meal times around the current class schedules. Dining Services also offers the Residential Convenience Meal Program for Residents whose coursework requires them to participate in off campus internships, classes, and similar activities. Additional information regarding this program is available on the Dining services website -

What do I do if I spend over the dollar limit for a meal zone?

You may pay the difference using your Flex Meal Points, cash, Visa or Master Card.

How can I purchase additional Flex Meal Points?

Additional Flex Meal Points can be purchased at any time from the Dining Services Office (located in DDC Room 209). For your convenience, Flex Meal Points may be purchased using cash, check, Visa or Master Card.

I am a parent, what can I do if my son/daughter runs out of Flex Meal Points?

Parents can add additional Flex Meal Points to their son's/daughter's account by calling the Dining Services Office at (401) 456-8207. Parents will need to know the student's ID number (found on their College ID), and will need to provide credit or debit card information.

Do unused Flex Meal Points carry over to the next semester?

Unused Flex Meal Points do not carry over into the next Semester. We encourage all Residents to plan accordingly so that they may full utilize their Flex Meal Points. While Dining Services does attempt to have additional products available at the end of semesters, we cannot guarantee sufficient product availability for all Residents to expend all remaining Flex Points during peak usage periods.

How can I find out what is “on the menu”?

Daily menus are posted on the Dining Center's website under the heading "Donovan Dining Center Menu" or by clicking A The current meal is also posted on monitors throughout the Dining Center and outside the entrance.

Can I change my Meal Plan during the semester?

During the first two weeks of each semester students may change their Meal Plans by visiting the Donovan Dining Center or online at

How can I voice my opinion in regards to Dining Services?

Your feedback is critical to us. Residents are encouraged to share their feedback directly with a Dining Services supervisor whenever possible. Residents may also utilize one of the six Customer Feedback Stations located at each entranceway or they may email us at