Faculty & Staff

Meal Plan

Faculty & Staff have the opportunity to voluntarily purchase a Meal Package at a cost of $675.00 per semester.

Meals are only redeemable in DDC.

Meals are available beginning Sunday and unused meals for any given week expire at 7 pm on Saturday.


Bonus Dollars are redeemable at all Dining Service venues throughout the semester. Unused Bonus Dollars expire after the last Board Meal for the semester. 

After purchasing this meal plan, faculty & staff may voluntarily upgrade their meal plan.

Voluntary Upgrades

BRONZE UPGRADE    Cost $100.00    Includes $105.00 Bonus Dollars

  SILVER UPGRADE      Cost $200.00    Includes $210.00 Bonus Dollars

   GOLD UPGRADE       Cost $300.00    Includes $315.00 Bonus Dollars

*Faculty & Staff have the ability to use these bonus dollars at any Dining Service venues (DDC, Cafe, & on-campus vending machines) throughout the semester. Unused Bonus dollars do not carry over into subsequent semesters. 


**The meal plan enhancements do not change any element of the Meal Plan currently offered.

***To purchase this meal plan, please visit the main office on the 2nd floor of the Dining Center (Rm. 209).

You may pay via check, Visa, or cash.

Frequently asked questions

How does this plan work?

The Faculty & Staff Meal Plan consists of a guaranteed number of meals per week (4), and a set amount of Bonus Dollars for use during the semester ($100). Faculty & Staff may use their meals at the Donovan Dining Center. Bonus Dollars can be used at the Donovan Dining Center, the Café, and at food-related vending machines on campus.

Do unused Bonus Dollars carry over to the next semester?

No, unused Bonus Dollars will not carry over into the next Semester.

Where can I use my Bonus Dollars?

You can use your Bonus Dollars at Donovan Dining Center, the Café, and at food-related vending machines on campus.

What do I do if I go over the dollar limit when purchasing a meal?

You may pay the difference using your bonus dollars, cash or credit.

How can I purchase additional Bonus Dollars?

Additional Bonus Dollars can be purchased at any time from the Dining Services Office located in DDC Room 209. For your convenience, Bonus Dollars may be purchased using cash, check, Visa or Master Card.

If I do not use a meal, will it carry over to the next week?

No, unused meals do not carry over to the next week. At the beginning of each week your meal balances are reset.

Where can I use my meals?

All meals must be used in the Donovan Dining Center.

A variety of offerings will be available during the times listed for each meal period.

When can the meal plan be used?

See the academic calendar for days when the dining center is open.

Can I still eat in the Dining Center if I don't have a Meal Plan?

Yes, we accept credit cards, as well as cash.