Faculty & Staff

Meal Plan

Faculty & Staff have the opportunity to voluntarily purchase a Meal Package at a cost of $675.00 per semester.

Meals are only redeemable in DDC.

Meals are available beginning Sunday and unused meals for any given week expire at 7 pm on Saturday.


Bonus Dollars are redeemable at all Dining Service venues throughout the semester. Unused Bonus Dollars expire after the last Board Meal for the semester. 

After purchasing this meal plan, faculty & staff may voluntarily upgrade their meal plan.

Voluntary Upgrades

BRONZE UPGRADE    Cost $100.00    Includes $105.00 Bonus Dollars

  SILVER UPGRADE      Cost $200.00    Includes $210.00 Bonus Dollars

   GOLD UPGRADE       Cost $300.00    Includes $315.00 Bonus Dollars

*Faculty & Staff have the ability to use these bonus dollars at any Dining Service venues (DDC, Cafe, & on-campus vending machines) throughout the semester. Unused Bonus dollars do not carry over into subsequent semesters. 


**The meal plan enhancements do not change any element of the Meal Plan currently offered.

***To purchase this meal plan, please visit the main office on the 2nd floor of the Dining Center (Rm. 209).

You may pay via check, Visa, or cash.

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