Meal Plan

All residents are required to purchase one of the following meal plans: A, B, C, D.

After purchasing a meal plan, residents may voluntarily upgrade their meal plan.

Voluntary Upgrades

BRONZE UPGRADE    Cost $100.00    Includes $110.00 Bonus Dollars

SILVER UPGRADE      Cost $200.00    Includes $235.00 Bonus Dollars

GOLD UPGRADE         Cost $300.00    Includes $345.00 Bonus Dollars

*Residents have the ability to use these bonus dollars at any Dining Service venues (DDC, Cafe, Galley) throughout the semester.  Unused Bonus dollars do not carry over into subsequent semesters. 


**The meal plan enhancements do not change any element of the four Meal Plans currently offered, nor are they offered in place of having a Meal Plan.

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